Our environmental commitment

Our group has been committed to a PEFCTM certification system for our control chain since 2009.

As early as 1992, our group was actively participating, with COPACEL, in the campaign to raise awareness of environmental protection: "Despite what many people think, the press is not destroying the forest". Organised in particular by the FNPF and the SPQR, over three hundred daily papers and magazines gave coverage to this campaign.

In 1994 we published, on behalf of the ENPA, a white paper on the environment:  "The press, paper and the environment".  This was a white paper for the European press. This document presents the conclusions of a study carried out within the framework of its "Resources" committee, and seeks to provide objective information on the relationship between paper and the environment and to express the view of the European press on this important issue.

Conscious of our environmental responsibility and keen to engage alongside our partner paper-makers, printers and publishers and carriers in a proactive approach, we committed ourselves to a certification procedure for our control chain with the  PEFCTM label  in 2009  and  complemented this process with attainment of the FSC® label in January 2013.

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Our PEFCTM and FSC® certifications

Created in 1999, the PEFCTM label (Programmme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes), is intended to promote sustainable forest management and to provide evidence to consumers that PEFCTM certified wood or wood-based products contribute to sustainable forest management.

The FSC®, (Forest Stewardship Council) is a non-governmental organisation founded in 1993 by the WWF after the Rio Earth Summit. It is also supported by Greenpeace.

As a Purchasing Centre, our group has obtained certification for its control chain, which thus ensures traceability of paper from the customer order, during billing, and right up to delivery. The control chain rules enable monitoring of flows and products within a company, and from one company to another. The control chain describes the company’s operating conditions in order to provide for this monitoring through a set of procedures.

There is no duplication, but rather complementarity between the PEFCTM and FSC® labels. The PEFCTM guidelines are based on the recognition of regional forest exploitation rules (European and North American wood). The FSC® label is used above all for the certification of exotic and/or distant woods.

Guaranteeing that a publication has been printed on PEFCTM or FSC® certified paper requires certification of every link in the manufacturing chain: the forestry operations, the paper mill, the paper sales outlet, as well as the printer and/or editor.

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