The major advantages of Les Papiers de Presse

  • Buying power


By pooling the requirements of all its customers, and building on their trust, "Les Papiers de Presse" negotiates the best market terms.
As the leading French paper buyer, "Les Papiers de Presse" constitutes a single buying structure in the service of paper users. Its credibility and financial solidity make "Les Papiers de Presse" a special partner for paper manufacturers.





  • A complete and diversified range

     "Les Papiers de Presse" selects the best papers, with complete objectivity, in over 60 plants worldwide. 

    "Les Papiers de Presse" covers all categories of paper for publications in all sectors of the graphics chain, with 850 references in the different qualities in standard and improved newsprint paper and paper for magazines - coated, supercalendered, woodfree, low wood content, etc. 


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    • Regular, secure supplies

    "Les Papiers de Presse" undertakes to maintain regular supplies of reference qualities, on competitive economic terms, with complete independence and security.

    • Management of customer stocks

    "Les Papiers de Presse" manages the entire supply process with the support of its network of warehouses. 

    • Adapted logistics solutions

    Thanks to the logistics network developed by "Les Papiers de Presse", it offers its customers a unique service.

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    • Customised studies and advice   

    "Les Papiers de Presse" supports its customers in selection of the appropriate medium:  

    • Organisation of and participation in paper tests and print runs
    • Summaries and recommendations in relation to specifications
    • Technical seminars in collaboration with PAGORA

          Since 1999, Les Papiers de Presse has had a partnership with PAGORA, the International School of Paper, Print Media and Biomaterials (formerly EFPG), in order to develop permanent exchanges between the industry and training establishments.  

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          • An international presence 

          "Les Papiers de Presse" works in trade and international organisations such as the ENPA European Newspaper Publishers' Association) and the WAN-IFRA (World Association of Newspapers - INCA-FIEJ Research Association). "Les Papiers de Presse" plays an active role in the work of the WAN-IFRA.

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