Information technology

Information technology


Axxor Informatique, a specialist software publisher and installer of warehouse management systems, offers two applications PressLog and PressBar, with distinct functions: 




This software is a simple and generic application for stock and warehouse management, adaptable to any storage configuration. It can be used to process all types of stocks, goods and movements.











This software is used for the portable barcode reader terminals.

It allows customisation and configuration of entry sequences, depending on the specific characteristics of the objects manipulated.


In order to provide you with a turnkey solution, to ensure the best possible use of the PressLog and PressBar applications, Axxor Informatique provides a series of services to assist you with routine management on a daily basis:


  • advice,
  • supply of hardware (PC, barcode readers, etc.),
  • customised training,
  • installation,
  • specific and complementary developments, 
  • interface developments,
  • upgrading and corrective maintenance, 
  • hotline, etc.



For more information, contact an advisor.


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