The trading names SPPP and CFPP


The Société Professionnelle des Papiers de Presse (SPPP) was created by the French press and encompasses over 400 daily, weekly and periodical newspapers, publications and magazines accredited by the Commission Paritaire.

The Compagnie Française des Papiers de Presse (CFPP) was founded by major daily newspapers and by the SPPP to meet new market demands. It is active on behalf of all stakeholders in the paper and graphic board sector.

As the top French paper buyer and one of the leaders in Europe,the Gramméo group offers a complete range covering all quality levels for all users of paper and carton board (publishers, printers, publishing platforms, advertising agencies, advertisers, etc.). Gramméo manages all stages in the logistics chain, from the production sites to the delivery destinations in France and abroad. It ensures secure delivery and certifies paper origin.


Gramméo offers an ideal decision-support tool (colour chart, samples, models) and technical support (advice, follow-up and control at printing sites),delegated management of stock, consignment stock and service.

Strongly committed to a global development approach, the Gramméo group has been engaged in a PEFC-certification approach for its control chain since 2009 and has been FSC certified since January 2013. Our approach is global and covers: logistics, IT et and the recovery of used paper, in order to manage the entire paper chain and offer our customers a high value-added service.


A little history...


Société Professionnelle des Papiers de Presse (SPPP)

Founded in 1947 by the French press, SPPP is an union of cooperatives. It was established to provide the press with a regular supply of paper under cost-effective and competitive conditions. It is fully independent from any source of supply.

SPPP serves mainly French newspapers accredited by the Commission Paritaire and participating in the cooperative structure.


Compagnie Française des Papiers de Presse (CFPP)

Set up in 1987 by major daily newspapers and the SPPP to meet new market demands, CFPP is a joint stock company covering a wider large of clients.

CFPP is able to meet the requirements of a diverse clientele, and to serve all users in the paper and graphic board sector, even if they are not necessarily part of the cooperative system. 

We also have a public-service mission. Under the terms of an agreement signed and updated with the French state, SPPP has the status of a “private economic intervention body”.

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We make use of the following complementary areas of activity:

  • Land-based logistics specialising in paper products (warehousing, handling and transport) with our partner companies Laforêt Logistique) and Bernon Transports.
  • Recovery of used paper,with a minority holding in the PAPREC GROUP, the independent French leader in recycling with 80 sites and over 5,000 000 tonnes of waste recycled annually.