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A few words from the Chairman

One group, a shared awareness.

Joining forces, doing things together, to be stronger and grow. 

Our driving force lies in bringing individuals together to construct a unit: the group.


One unit for the same strategy, one unit for the same direction, one unit for the same sense of belonging.

But unit does not mean uniformity or standardisation.




It is not a question of all becoming the same, but on the contrary of appreciating our differences, as partners do, complementing one another. And because the origins, cultures and experiences of each and every one of us are rich and diverse edifices, they invite us to join one another in reaching for the same high point: the common good.


In the group, individuals can get along together while retaining their distinctive characters. This calls for open, impartial awareness, resolved to find fair agreements and make decisions of general interest.

This is the alchemy of spirit and intelligence, where anything and everything is possible.

By calling for partnership in the group unit, in a certain way we are subscribing to a dynamic of reciprocity, of “doing things together”, we are seeking a linking value: common sense.


We are a rich combination of diversity and uniqueness, corresponding to a fundamental synergy. We are a unit in which anything can be done, in which the individual is part of the whole, without leaving behind any of his or her singular self, where personalities are a key element of construction, a key element of operation, a key element of flair.

We are the fruit of successive gestations, we are born and reborn in a polymorphous matrix, like the letterpress lead, molten and re-molten, so important to our history, which eternally wrote, page after page, the everyday story, never the same, of life. In the discipline of community we group together, making the number a unit of time and extending into future generations.



Jean-Pierre Caillard

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Groupe Centre-France La Montagne







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  • A customised products/services offer


An independent entity, "Les Papiers de Presse" selects the best papers, with some 850 high quality references in over 60 plants worldwide.


Based on a study of the requirements expressed by the customer, "Les Papiers de Presse" undertakes to provide a customised package supported by permanent technical assistance.


"Les Papiers de Presse" guarantees reactivity and availability, with regular supplies from a broad range of reference papers, under competitive and optimised economic conditions.



Find out more about selection of paper  and all our services at your disposal. 


  • Training and research partnership



Aware of the importance of developing exchanges between industry and training establishments, in 1999 "Les Papiers de Presse" established a partnership with Grenoble INP-PAGORA, International School of Paper, Print Media and Biomaterials (formerly EFPG), taking practical shape in the form of:   

  • Regular exchanges  
  • Organisation of technical seminars with research professors 
  • One-off assignments entrusted to students, within the framework of their training.


In parallel "Les Papiers de Presse" takes action at Grenoble INP-PAGORA, organising conferences for students.


  • Protection and natural respect for natural ressources




With the aim of accompanying its partners - papermakers, printers and publishers - in an active quality approach, "Les Papiers de Presse" has held PEFC certification for its control chain since 23 March 2009.


In addition, "Les Papiers de Presse" prioritises recycling and reuse of waste paper.

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  • Defence of the printed press

http://webone.croissance-net.com/images_CMS/118/tinymce/istock_000007471090xsmall2.jpg"Les Papiers de Presse" is highly committed to defence of the printed press, making an active contribution to the work of WAN-IFRA, World Association of Newspapers and Research and Service organisation for the publishing industry. "Les Papiers de Presse" is involved in decision-making at national and international level with the main printed press organisations, and regularly promotes this activity.

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