A logistics force




"Les Papiers de Presse" has access to the global supply chain:

Its logistical resources combine security and optimisation and call on different modes of transport: road, sea, rail and waterway.






  The logistics activity of "Les Papiers de Presse" in figures:


"Les Papiers de Presse" supplies printing facilities throughout France and in neighbouring countries, controlling all stages in the logistics chain from production sites through to the end customer.









For storage and handling of paper products, "Les Papiers de Presse" has 27 warehouses throughout France close to the main printing centres, including two central depots in the Paris region.


PFor development of its logistics activities, "Les Papiers de Presse" is supported by two complementary companies specialising in storage, handling, distribution and transport of paper products: Laforêt Logistique and Bernon Transports


This unique logistics arrangement brings together a network of warehouses and handles all stages in the supply chain, from the paper mill through to the end user. It strengthens the permanent availability of paper and ensures that deadlines are met.






Customised logistics:

  • A storage and transport network connecting the whole of France
  • Stock management
  • Warehouses alongside printing centres, in association with the publishers
  • Permanent availability of paper
  • Guaranteed delivery times
  • Local services to users
  • Complete trucks or part loads
  • Flexibility due to consolidation of many customers’ requirements
  • The ability to find adapted logistics solutions


Optimised logistics:

  • "Door to door" control of flows
  • Optimisation of flows of finished products and recycled raw materials


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