1. Transport

Ensuring openness to the global market, our logistics resources combine security and optimisation across all means of transport : land, rail, ocean freight, whatever the point of origin worldwide and the destination in France, with deliveries adapted to your needs and our product typologies (from pallet to reel) regardless of order volume (from samples to chartering entire boats).

Drawing on our logistics expertise, our group provides innovative solutions (specific methods of loading or shipment) to ensure a high quality service at all stages in the logistics chain, from the production sites to the end customer, in strict compliance with specifications.

Through partnerships with more than 40 independent regional carriers, we have developed real proximity with our customers, thereby strengthening the permanent availability of paper and ensuring adherence to deadlines, for impeccable service and tailor made solutions.


 2. Storage - Delivery times


Benefiting from eight regional warehouses right across France in close proximity to our customers, we are able to guarantee delivery in 24 or 72 hours, whether in reel or sheet.



3. Delegated management

Our group is one of the few actors in the market to offer its customers a vendor managed inventory (VMI) of their stock, thereby meeting current economic demands of businesses. In 2016 our group managed some 80 storage points for 115 customers.

The advantages of VMI for our customers are as follows:

  • Transparency of origins
  • Outsourcing of procurement tasks (definition with you of the safety stock level to be maintained at your printer and management of orders and supplies carried out by us).
  • Periodical physical inventories performed jointly
  • Deconsolidation of paper stock in your balance sheet
  • Stock financing carried out by us and billing based on consumption.


4. Stock management via EDI

Dedicated solutions for paper stock management developed by our group to enable the smooth flow of information, real-time knowledge of stock levels and traceability of batches.